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Download our guide so you can create a road-map for your future office. An essential tool for HR leaders needing to understand your workplace requirements for life after Covid.

What size should your workplace be?

As a People Leader you have a challenge.

Employee expectations have changed forever.

Workers have adopted new technology.

They’ve experienced a commute-free life

Many have flourished working from home

You’ve seen the statistics*:

  • Employees on average want to work from home 2.5 days per week.
  • 1 in 4 hope to work from home permanently.
  • 30% of workers will change jobs if their employer does not allow work-from-home.

* Source: World Economic Forum Ipsos Survey of 12, 445 adults across 29 countries

Your policies need to change.

And your workplace must evolve with them.

But how?

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This guide

In my role as Workplace Consultant I’ve helped organisations create a road map for their future office. With my tools, HR Leaders have transitioned from of not knowing to clarity: holding a clear, actionable plan. 

I’ve helped People Leaders to

  Identify their needs.

  Make data-based decisions, not guess.

Take action, not wait.

My process has been to collect the necessary data, analyse the results, and create an evidence-based plan. With this guide you will be able too.

Download this free PDF guide now to:

Learn to make evidence-based calculations.

Know what key questions to ask your employees.

Find out the best method to engage top management.

Ensure you align your workplace strategy with corporate vision.

2021 Workplace - Whay one size does not fit all, title image

Hi, I'm Robin Wycherley*, Workplace Interior Architect and founder of Itu Design.

(*pronounced Wich-er-lee)

I help HR leaders create inspiring workplaces, through design and workplace consulting services.

The way we work is changing dramatically.

Creating your ideal workplace can be a challenge.

I'm here to help.

I’m proud to have worked with the following incredible organisations:







The United Nations



Download your copy of our free guide now!

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