Please complete the form to help us plan the perfect space for you. This form is for tenant organisations who are planning an office move. This helps us to prepare a quick test-fit plan and might help you to pinpoint your needs. Just ask us if you need help to define what kind of spaces you need.

Tenant Requirements Form

General info

Property interested in

Henkilö määrä

Tarvittava koko

Open Office Areas

työpisteitta avotilassa

pöytien koko

Work Rooms

Total amount of work rooms needed

Amount of 1 person work rooms

Amount of 2 person work rooms

Amount of 4 person work rooms

Amount of 6 person work rooms

Amount of 8 person work rooms

Työhuoneiden kokonaismäärä

yhden hengen huoneiden määrä

kahden hengen huoneita

neljän hengen huoneita

kuusi hengen huonetta

kahdeksan hengen huonetta

Meeting Rooms

Total amount of meeting rooms

Amount of 2 person meeting rooms

Amount of 4 person meeting rooms

Amount of 6 person meeting rooms

Amount of 8 person meeting rooms

Number of people in board room

Neuvotteluhuoneiden kokonaismäärä

kahden hengen huoneita

neljän hengen huoneita

kuusi hengen huoneita

kahdeksan hengen huoneita

iso kokoushuone ihmisten lukumäärä

Quiet rooms / phone rooms

Amount of 1 person phone rooms

Amount of phone boxes (tenant’s furniture)

Puhelinhuone määrä

Puhelinkoppi määrä (vuokralaisen huonekalut)

Kitchen / Café

Seats in kitchen / café

Coffee point needed

Kitchen needed

kahvilan istumapaikat maara




Other spaces


Reception lobby needed

Reception counter needed

Work area should be within secure zone

Server rooms needed

Print room needed

Store room needed

More info

Tell us more details about your needs.

For example…

“Open plan area should be divided for 2 teams”

“1 larger manager room needed”

“office rooms should include meeting table for 2”

“3 workspaces should be big enough for 3 screens”

“Board room should be next to manager office”

”10 sales people visit office rarely and need 4 workspaces to share”

”Large social kitchen needed for 40 people to have weekly meetings”

“office rooms should be 12 m2”

“Access control needed between reception of office area”

Company info

Name of organisation

Company ID

Contact person

Contact phone number*


* We won’t share your details with anyone or contact you about any other matters

The form will be go to our workplace designers.

We will be in contact with you if we have any questions

Thank you!

Total amount of people

Approximate m2 needed

Amount of people in open plan area

Size of tables in open plan area

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